Women pushing shopping cart

Those guys you disapprove of (because you’re super hot despite the stroke face) aren’t staring at you, they’re staring at the grocery cart you’re taking for a stroll through an entire park. It’s not a baby, that comes after you sleep with the disappointing guys, which would be us.


  1. Why is Allison PULLING the cart rather than pushing it (re: tightly clenched left fingers)?

    Furthermore, why is she pulling it back and to her left (re: the lateral pivot point created with her right hand)?

    I she trying to thwack the cart into Kat's thick-ish mid-section, to wipe the leering smirk off her face at the sight of whatever Allison's viewing with compassionate sympathy?

  2. GREEN: Hello Gilbert!
    RED: OMG, you slept with him? You're such a whore!

  3. Hay look at that handicapped guy trying to get out of his car....

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