Couple sitting back to back at the poolside

The only way this position is socially acceptable is if you’re conjoined twins. And if they are, we feel bad for him, he has no idea how hot she is.

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Young couple having fun in the sea


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Couple sitting at table outdoors

Who drinks chocolate milk while eating Brie? Dairy on dairy? Diarrhea gross. Looking into his eyes, she wished would have paired them up as well as he paired his cyan on cyan shirt/undershirt combo.

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Young man on surfboard, rear view

I’ve always wanted to go to that place where the waves come from the shore.

Young woman holding garden hose hiding to surprise young man, Cape Town, South Africa

Judging by the way she’s holding that hose there’s obviously no water running through it. So, is she just going to stand there and surprise him with his favorite garden hose? Or more realistically, she’s going to 12-Years-A Slave-Passion-Of-The-Christ him.  

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Austria, Salzburg County, Family celebrating christmas in snow

Christmas can be a tough time for some families. Like this overly affluent one, who forwent the extremely unnecessary and financially crippling expense that comes with purchasing a christmas tree and apparently a house to display it and instead decided to take little Sven to a forest, decorate a random tree with real fire and celebrate Christmas on an Austrian mountainside.

On a more cheerful note you don’t have to buy your family and friends presents this year you can just tell them Getty Critics is back.