Serious mixed race man sitting in office cubicle

This image is called 'Serious mixed race man'. Do they mean he's a serious guy? Or his race is seriously mixed. Regardless, this guy is way too cool for whatever boring crappy office job that is. Maybe if you put pictures of people in your frames you wouldn't be so depressed about your job. Unless your job is to make picture frames.  In which case, cool frames, bro. 

Who else wants a 'Seriously mixed race man' shirt?

Family Sitting in Kitchen

Royalty-free Image: Family sitting in kitchen

Apparently in North Korea you have to give a radioactive urine sample before you drink smoothies. Because what idiot would pour glasses of lemon peel water when there are delicious smoothies about to be made? And why are they so far from those delicious smoothies? Is that a Bluetooth blender? Completely off topic, but, it's really cruel to make fruit watch their fruit family and fruit friends get eviscerated right in front of them. Even more not cool is to point and laugh at them. Did that dude put cherry tomatoes in the blender? Is that why no one's pressing the button? Maybe they should just stick to the radioactive lemon peel urine sample water.

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Boy playing soccer with two men in a park

Royalty-free Image: Boy playing soccer with two men in a… 
The title of this stock image, coincidentally, is also the 'last known whereabouts' description on the milk carton.

Woman mowing green lawn

Royalty-free Image: Woman mowing green lawn 
First, the lawn is already mowed. Second, who dresses up for a cocktail party and then does yard work? Unless this is one of those underground New York yard work cocktail parties we read about in Vice.  

Caucasian couple raking autumn leaves

Royalty-free Image: Caucasian couple raking autumn leaves

What is it with Getty Images and people raking entire parks? It's ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as trying to pass off these two as a real couple. Look at that hairline. She's way too hot for him. Not even would allow this match to happen. Sorry, the scarf doesn't make you look hipster. You look homeless. Just a regular fucking crazy homeless asshole that throws leaves at beautiful women.

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Businessman plugging ears with fingers

Royalty-free Image: Businessman plugging ears with fingers 
This guy is in a serious quandary. The music is too loud and he needs to turn down the speakers, but if he turns down the speakers he needs to take his fingers out of his ears and expose himself to the deafening bass coming out of his six watt computer speakers. While we would have chose to simply walk away, he's decided to close his eyes and wait for the battery to die. Either way, problem solved.