Woman about to hit man with saucepan at breakfast

Earlier this week...
MAN: I'm so fucking sick and tired of my bread being horizontal!
IKEA EMPLOYEE: Well, you're in luck!

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  1. Great stuff all around, but this one confuses me. Why on earth wld Getty have a stock image of impending felonious assault? I'd get it if she were clearly indicating thru gestures that she was kidding, but she is NOT. So... there you have it: a man eating a prissy, normative bkfst and she is about to clobber him. Now, your comment about "IKEA employee"... what does that mean? Are you saying tha the kitchen furnishings look IKEA twinky-dink? If the setting is being ironically proposed as IKEA, then what is the guy doing eating at IKEA's kitchen showroom? Pls. help me understand: I am old and confused.

  2. actually, coming from the UK, those toast racks are really common, but they don't sell them anywhere else in the world, according to my family in the USA.

  3. I try to spot what you are about to point out and I honestly thought you were going to go with the Newspaper AND a laptop? Not sure I've ever seen someone do that!

  4. I love my toast rack!